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Image by Rostyslav Savchyn

Green, Red, Black

There were many of them. About 20. Boys and girls not older than 12 all sitting around a big white paper with their colour pencils in their hands more...

Image by Hannah Troupe

The Dream

He was sitting in front of the window staring through the glass like every other day during the last 9 months. Birds were flying in and out of the garden more...

Image by Nathan Dumlao

The day I loved

He opened the door as slowly as he could and crawled into my bed. The sound of his footsteps cracking on the hardwood floor more...

Image by Naitian(Tony) Wang

The Silent October

There were about 10 residents. Men and women, walking with bent backs around the autumn garden, or sitting on the benches slouched on their walking sticks more...

Image by Valentin Petkov


She followed the agent through the doorway and a spasm of pain contorted her face.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

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